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From my first days serving in public office, I had the environment on my mind. When serving as Mayor in 2017, I fought to preserve the beautiful and historic Barclay Grounds, which serves as a space for current residents and visitors to enjoy some of the scenic environment West Chester offers.

I also championed the Community Bill of Rights for West Chester, which would give our Borough independence from less progressive state actions on sustainability. From plastic bag bans to land preservation, this Community Bill of Rights was built with the environment in mind, and its guiding principles still guide me through public office.


Our climate is in danger, and West Chester is a place of balanced innovation. There are so many amazing ways that our community can subtly adapt to meet the needs of this climate. For one, reestablishing Rail Service between West Chester and Philadelphia would create low-cost, low-impact transportation opportunities for thousands of new riders. 

By putting our focus on public support for the Rail Service, and with ambitious funding applications, we can ensure that the Rail Service goes from “possible in the future” to “happening now.” There isn’t a better time to focus on public infrastructure and ensure that West Chester is more connected than ever. You can read more about the Rail Service here.


In 2017, as Mayor, I vowed that West Chester would reach fully renewable energy by 2035 (electric) and 2050 for all forms of energy. 

I am upholding this vow, and as Mayor today and in the future, I will continue to work diligently for renewable energy in our Borough. Alongside this, I pledged to take NO money from fossil fuel interest groups, and will continue my campaign with a green focus.

I championed bike paths by funding the addition of bike boulevards and bike racks downtown, and will continue this push for multimodal, sustainable transportation. I am currently working on a plan to transition all Borough vehicles to electric-only, drastically reducing carbon emissions from West Chester. Between the Re-Establishment of the Rail Service, electric vehicles, and renewable energy, West Chester will be at the forefront of green innovation in Pennsylvania.

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