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I grew up in a single-parent household. I have firsthand experience with economic anxiety, and it’s why I entered into the field of financial planning and made it my life’s work. With my self-started business, I work to ensure that hard-working families, individuals, and businesses have the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to make financially sound decisions.

As the Chair of Finance and Revenue with the Borough Council of West Chester, my aim was to take my business experience and apply it to the public sector. During my tenure, we fought successfully to put a cap on tax hikes, and instead managed the expenses in the Borough. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on emergency vehicle purchases and developed the Finance and Technology Committee with a focus on a bridge between sustainability, technology, and finance.


There’s no denying that businesses, boroughs, and peoples’ pocketbooks have faced a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With my years as the Chair of Finance and Revenue Committee of West Chester Borough Council, as well as my financial advisory experience, I want to help ensure West Chester is on the path back up.  West Chester is expected to receive over $1.9 million in federal pandemic relief.  The relief comes through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) State and Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds. 

We are also facing a shift in leadership in Borough Council, with three members retiring this year. We need to ensure continuity in leadership and a Mayor with institutional knowledge, especially in the context of allocating the relief funds. 


I know the value of prudent investment and will collaborate with council, BID and community stakeholders to ensure that funding is allocated properly. 

Continuity of leadership is crucial in this regard, and as Mayor, I can help ensure that funding is consistently sent to those in need. We can and will balance this budget and help get West Chester back on its feet.

Through the creation of a permanent pedestrian corridor and the Re-Establishment of Rail Service to West Chester, we will secure amazing business and employment opportunities as we push past this pandemic. West Chester will come out financially stronger if we hone in on collaboration between residents, business owners, and community leaders.

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