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Jordan's Concession Statement

(May 20) - This morning, with almost all ballots counted and only a few mail-in votes remaining, I called Lillian DeBaptiste to concede the election.


We had a long conversation on the future of West Chester, the initiatives we can achieve for our neighbors and residents, and the role of Mayor itself. Lillian was gracious in her victory, and ready to move forward for our Borough and I wish her well.


I feel only gratitude for those who helped this campaign blossom to what it became. The endless dedication and countless hours put forth from our volunteer canvassers, our phone bankers, and our poll greeters. The backing from so many fantastic community leaders who were willing to display their support. The residents and voters of West Chester, who in all our (many) knocked doors and phone calls, were receptive to our message.


 And above all else, my family. 


I could not have done any of this without Rani, who was by my side at every moment, and who sacrificed more for this campaign in these past few months than I could have ever asked for. She had my back in every moment, and at every low point, she raised me up. And to my kids, Asha and Dylan, who warmed my heart every time I returned home. 


Late on Monday night, Asha said to me that “she couldn’t wait for Tuesday so we can all hang out again after.” I would not trade the experiences I had, the people I met, or the lessons I learned from this campaign for anything -- but I am delighted to be able to commit my energy to “hanging out” with Rani, Asha, and Dylan fully. 


To those who voted in support of our vision -- rail service to West Chester, sustainability initiatives, and equitable quality of life -- In my capacity as Interim Mayor I will, continue fighting for these. I will stay focused to achieve valuable progress -- and I encourage Lillian to collaborate with me through the transition of the office, in accomplishing these as well.


I’ll finish by saying that, in all our campaign team’s canvassing, we made hundreds of notes for follow-up with the residents of West Chester. Residents who have real and valid complaints or concerns.. 


As Interim Mayor, I will work to respond to every single one, and ensure that we put in our best effort to resolve them. This reason alone -- the ability to directly interact and support our neighbors who I otherwise may not have met -- has made our campaign worthwhile.


Thank you to Kyle Hudson on a race well run, and congratulations to Lillian DeBaptiste -- West Chester will be in good hands. 

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