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March 11, 2021

In 2015, as Borough Council President, I led an initiative alongside community leaders to enact a Community Bill of Rights for the Borough of West Chester. This Bill of Rights was founded on many key principles, including the right of community self-governance, the right of ecosystems and natural communities, and the right to a sustainable energy future.

As a whole, the Bill of Rights asserted something we, as West Chester residents, already know: our strength lies in our perseverance to make the community better with each day.

I became the acting Mayor of West Chester in this united tradition to make our community better than it was the day, month, or year before, taking the torch from Mayor Herrin to finish up the term. A community already lauded for its many goods can become even better. I am running for Mayor of West Chester because we need a mayor who will reach for what’s possible and, with the community, achieve it.

Whether you know me through my term as Interim Mayor in 2017, my work as Borough Council President, or my financial work assisting employees and businesses to ensure economic security, you know that I set ambitious goals and meet them with collaborative action. I am running for Mayor of West Chester to achieve these goals:

  1. Financial Security for the Borough

  2. Grounded Green Timeline for West Chester Renewable Energy

  3. Equitable Quality of Life in the Community

When I stepped into place as acting Mayor for this year, I sought to achieve these projects within the length of my term. As I continued my work, my thoughts evolved, reflecting that these actions require ambition, passion, and time.  They require us, as a united community, to be on board. I ask that you support me, that we work together to achieve these projects and more. In doing so, I will promote inclusion and collaboration with all members of our community. 

I have been honored, amazed, and overwhelmed by the level of support received for my term so far as acting Mayor. The West Chester Green Team, leaders with the Committee to Reestablish Rail Service to West Chester, borough council members, and so many amazing residents have encouraged me and inspired me to continue my term as the Mayor of the best town in the country. 

Alongside this announcement, I will be detailing my three action points in a separate release focused on detailed futures plans, highlighting how achievable these projects truly are. I encourage you to read it and see the amazing future that lies in store for West Chester.

Together, we will continue doing what West Chester residents do best. We will rise to the challenge to make our community better, each and every day. I ask that you support my run for Mayor, reach out to us, and get engaged with the campaign. We’re just getting started.

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